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    23 Products That'll Make Your Home Obscene AF

    Welcome your guests with shitty greetings only to tell them to get the fuck out.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. This very welcoming doormat.

    2. This classy vinyl wall decal.

    3. These extremely forthright pillows.

    4. This jewelry-hanging wall hook.

    5. This candle that you can burn when fuckers try to fuck with you.

    6. This journal that's secretly your wHITsh list.

    7. This dainty embroidery hoop.

    8. This neon light that'll make your shitty moods feel like rock-star realities.

    9. This good-vibes-only candle.

    10. These dirty dishcloths that are meant to clean up your filth.

    11. This flask that perfectly describes your relationship with alcohol.

    12. This padlock that'll protect all your shit.

    13. This spoon that understands the foodie in you.

    14. These delicately painted coasters.

    15. This pillow that'll intimidate anyone you invite over.

    16. This mug that knows exactly how you feel about tea.

    Seemingly bland, but entirely necessary for longevity of your happiness.

    17. This flip of the finger lamp.

    18. This obscenely polite unicorn jar.

    19. This clock that FINALLY shows the correct time.

    LPT: If your guest asks what time it is, direct them to this clock and then point to the door.

    20. This growler that's not for sharing with fuckboys.

    21. This flask that's just so motherfucking joyful.

    22. This "fuck you" cookie cutter.

    23. This doormat that'll gently kick everyone out.