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    Here's What You Need To Know About Getting Popular Tattoos

    None of this is to scare you — it's to help you get some better-looking tattoos!

    As someone who has tattoos and loves searching for new inspiration, I've come across a few popular ones that both my friends and I have gotten. But, an image doesn't tell the whole story, so before you get inked, there are a few important things to know.

    To get the lowdown, we spoke to David Côté, an artist from Imperial Tattoo Connexion based in Montréal, Quebec, about precautions for each type of tattoo.

    1. The size of the tattoo matters.

    2. On certain areas, the ink might take longer to heal and also fade faster due to increased movement and exposure. These areas include:

    In and around the ear.

    On the wrist.

    Bottom of the foot.

    Anywhere on the finger.

    Here's a picture of my finger tat:

    3. As cool as white ink sounds, it's pretty unpredictable.

    4. Watercolor tattoos are incredible but extremely hard to get right.

    Here's an example of a watercolor tattoo done by Ondrash.

    If done right by a masterfully talented artist, the result can be STUNNING.

    5. Stick 'n' poke tattoos may seem cheaper, but you should find someone who does it professionally.

    These tattoos can, however, be part of meaningful experiences, like this stick ’n' poke tattoo that covered up a burn scar.

    6. Those awe-inspiring black work tattoos? They mean work. Like painful work.

    But maybe you have the tolerance!

    7. No matter what kind of ink you want, the most important thing is to think about what you want and to RESEARCH THE ARTIST!