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    22 Hair Color Ideas For When You Can't Pick Just One

    Your true color is rainbow.

    1. These tropical, feather-like tresses.

    2. This stunning galactic witchery.

    3. This barely-there moonstone masterpiece.

    4. This infectious bonanza.

    5. This effortlessly chic pastel palette.

    6. This two-shaded twilight gradient.

    7. This retro, rave-ready rainbow.

    8. This gleaming emerald and violet streak.

    9. This bubblegum poptropolis.

    10. This blue and purple candied pair.

    11. This violet-everything gradient.

    12. This underwater magenta cornucopia.

    13. This cotton-candy daydream.

    14. This exquisite two-toned swoop.

    15. These intensely vibrant locks.

    16. These blue dip-dyed ringlets.

    17. These glowing silver-streaked bangs.

    18. This magical deep sea exploration.

    19. These fairy lights.

    20. These peeking cotton candy layers.

    21. These shimmery aquamarine curls.

    22. This mermaid IRL.