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    19 Things You're Not Using To Their Full Potential

    Who knew clothes hangers could do so much?

    1. To protect your extension cords, tie an alpine butterfly knot, rather than an overhand knot.

    While the overhand knot prevents you from accidental unplugging, you'll end up putting more stress on the plug connectors rather than the knot, eventually ending in an electrical short. Instructions here.

    2. Wrap your Apple charger exactly like this:

    If you wrap the thicker section first, then you can secure it in place by wrapping the skinnier cord under the wings of the power adapter. Then use the clip to fix the end of the cord in place. Voilà!

    3. Seal your opened chip bags by rolling forwards, folding the sides, and then folding backwards.

    4. Or use a clothes hanger to make bag clips.

    5. A hanger can also be used to hang recipes or magazines while cooking.

    Or, this is great for any type of multitasking.

    6. Roll the sides of the chip bag down so you can eat all the chips you want without the greasy mess.

    7. Tie your shoes so that the bow sits horizontally, not vertically.

    A horizontal bow ensures a more secure knot, which is especially useful when you're out running. Learn more here.

    8. Use a staple remover to open key rings.

    Watch the entire video here.

    9. Pack your bagel sandwiches in a old CD spindle.

    Twitter: @Jobsable

    Or pack yourself three donuts.

    10. Pour milk with the spout turned upwards in order to prevent inadvertent spills.

    Christina Lan / Buzzfeed
    Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

    11. Tap on your eye cream or moisturizer from your brow to under the eye BEFORE rubbing it in.

    You want to apply a light pressure to further help your skin absorb the cream. See more here.

    12. Use a Pringles can to store your spaghetti.

    No more flailing noodle sticks from taking them out of their original packaging.

    13. Use a wooden spoon to prevent your pots from boiling over.

    It actually works. Learn more here.

    14. Make your blender clean itself using dish soap and water.

    Facebook: video.php

    Watch the video here.

    15. Turn a soda can lid into a makeshift vegetable peeler.

    The key to saving money is being ingeniously resourceful. See more here.

    16. Use a banana peel as a tiny cutting board.

    17. Use a Post-it Note to keep your keyboard clean.

    Christina Lan / Buzzfeed
    Christina Lan / Buzzfeed

    18. Hack the elevator by pressing your floor and the door close button at the same time.

    You'll reach your floor without stopping on other floors. Does this turn you into an uncivilized monster? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    19. Use your rubber gloves as lint rollers.

    It's cheap and it does the trick. Watch more here.

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