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15 Period Hacks That Are Actually Kind Of Brilliant

"I masturbate in the shower when I'm on my period. Multiple orgasms, no cleanup." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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1. Dress how you want to feel, not how you actually feel:

2. Paint your extremities with crimson:

3. Have an emergency towel at hand:

4. Bury yourself in muffled relief:

5. Masturbate more, but do it where cleanup isn't required:

6. Get greedily showered in chocolates:

7. Breathe deeply...and emphatically.

8. Roll some extra joints:

9. Wear swimsuit bottoms instead of regular underwear:

10. Or just have one pair take the hit the entire stretch:

11. When you need to change it out, let it be known:

12. Use some questionable padding methods:

13. Invest in some star-studded clothing:

14. Surround yourself in spiritual energies:

15. Lie on a heated blanket and literally never get back up: