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    29 Foods That’ll Make You Say, “Huh, That Shouldn’t Exist!"

    ::phones mother nature, asks what's up::

    1. These bread cubes that look like chopped lumber.

    2. This tomato that's growing a strawberry inside its belly.

    3. This candy corn that's having an identity crisis.

    4. This carrot that's casually strutting on the runway.

    5. These Cherrios that won't even let death do them apart.

    6. This frozen egg that looks like prehistoric amber.

    7. These completely seedless watermelons.

    8. This sweet potato that's mistaken itself for a salmon filet.

    9. This tongue-shaped watermelon chunk.

    10. These Ritz crackers that have managed to fold over.

    11. This bell pepper that's carrying a small child.

    12. This stick of butter that's encased in its own waxy shell.

    13. This Kit Kat that contains vertical wafers.

    14. These tomatoes that are shaped like gourds.

    15. This candy corn that's trying super hard to re-brand itself.

    16. This potato egg.

    17. This happy family of bacguins.

    18. This Uncrustables snack that's missing its filling.

    19. This half white–half orange sweet potato.

    20. This piece of bread that's absorbed a baby slice.

    21. This egg that was carrying a miniature egg.

    22. This perfectly spherical avocado.

    23. This tomato that's shaped like a duck.

    24. This lemon that's trying really hard to be a banana.

    25. This corn on the cob that's extremely attached to its parent.

    26. These pitless, oblong avocados.

    27. This lumpy egg that's just having a rough time.

    28. This apple with PINK flesh.

    29. And lastly, this bread that's actually microwaved soap.