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14 Crazy Tricks That'll Actually Make You Warmer

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they did to avoid freezing to death. Here are the tricks they think will actually make you feel warmer.

1. Leave your electric blanket on the lowest setting while you sleep.

"Get a heating blanket, put it under your sheets, and turn it on about 15 minutes before you go to bed. You can leave it on the lowest setting all night. Then put your clothes under your blankets while it's still on in the morning so they aren't cold!"—annat438173412

Note: Putting the electric blanket under your sheets does not mean sleeping on top of the blanket. When using an electric blanket, don't simultaneously use an electric mattress pad. And definitely, before buying a blanket, make sure that it's been fully approved by safety organizations and that it's been tested for all-night use with automatic protection mechanisms.


5. Turn up the heat in the kitchen (as in, bake more).

"If I'm in the kitchen, I usually turn my oven on."

Leighton James

Of course, don't leave the kitchen with the oven still on, and only turn it on for a few minutes. Choose to cook with the oven more often when it gets cold. Besides, there's never an excuse to not eat more freshly baked cookies. Here's a recipe for NUTELLA stuffed cookies.

6. Run your wrists under hot water to allow your whole body to warm up faster.

"My uncle, who is on ski patrol, told me that the easy access to veins in your wrists allows the warmed-up blood to travel through your body, making you feel warmer after just a few seconds."



9. Hack your mind.

"I remind myself that nothing is colder than unheated hostel showers in Ireland during the winter. I really do get warmer."


"Whenever I'm outside and I know the end is in sight, I think to myself my soul is on fire and I almost stop shivering."



13. Consider talking to your doctor about getting a prescription.

nicoleperr / Via

"I have Raynaud's (along with rheumatoid arthritis). The best thing for me is Procardia ER. For those suffering from extreme coldness, it is a great option to talk to your doctor about."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.