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11 Totally Pointless Apps You Need In Your Life

Dreams begin and end with blowing a trumpet in Trump's face.

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1. Trump Dump

Spend all your precious time taking a dump on Trump.

2. Bernie Sandwiches

Believe it or not, this game is actually pretty hard. I only had eight sandwiches to feed Bernie.

3. Trump Yo' Self!-make-your-hair/id1025177870?mt=8

4. Or Bernie Selfie

Dem cherries are FEELIN' the Bern.

5. Avoid Hillary

Avoid Hillary? It's more like doing the JITTERBUG with really happy, laughing Hillaries.

6. Floppy Candidate

Rolling Drumpf heads!!

7. Donald Trumpet

It almost gives you the satisfaction of doing this IRL.

8. Campaign Run

9. Sanders or Trump

Hopefully this won't be you at the polls. Beat my score.

10. Donald Trump's Epic Trip

Trip Trump.

11. Election NF 2016 News

I guess since you made it this far, it wouldn't hurt to familiarize yourself with some quality U.S. entertainment.

For Android here, iPhone here.