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    21 Clever Kitchen Tools That'll Keep Your Hands Mess-Free

    Now you have a reason to start cooking.

    Jenny Chang / Buzzfeed

    1. This tidy batter dispenser ($15).

    Perfect rationing. Available here.

    2. This lid holder and spoon rest duo ($22).

    WHO HEARS ME ON THE PAIN OF NOT HAVING A PLACE TO PUT THESE? Table counters don't deserve tomato sauce splotches. Available here.

    3. A splatter shield that keeps that oven sparkly clean ($11).

    Because you only clean your oven maybe once every 10 years. Buy it here.

    4. These clear gap covers ($7).

    *Shudders* at the thought of all the juices and crumbs accumulating in those crevices. Buy them here.

    5. This rolling garlic chomper-chopper ($7).

    No garlicky hands or flying garlicky nubs. 'Nuff said. Get it here.

    6. This super-handy cutting board that comes with a scraps bin ($20).

    Because scraps somehow manage to find themselves in inaccessible places all the damn time. Available here.

    7. These lids that prevent dreaded boil-over spills ($12).

    Cleaning ovens is the worst. Get them here.

    8. A flour or sugar or any powdered ingredient dispenser ($8).

    Gotta keep that powder under control. Available here.

    9. These grilled cheese toastabags ($10).

    These keep the cheesy grease excess at a minimum. Get it here.

    10. This ziplock bag stabilizer ($5.50).

    Spillovers? An antiquated kitchen ailment. Available here.

    11. This mug with a pouch for tea bags, cookies, crackers, and anything you'd like ($13).

    Tea stains used to think they were cool. Get it here.

    12. These farm animal pot clippers ($3).

    Banish all gunk drippage. Buy it here.

    13. This foldable cutting board ($16).

    Scraps are pesky creatures that never manage to make it to the stove all together. Get it here.

    14. This clip-on spout for easy pouring ($10).

    Spillage. What is that. Available here.

    15. This beautiful avocado splitter, pitter, and slicer ($10).

    Now that pit won't fly out and roll its avocado mush everywhere. Get it here.

    16. This yolk separating whisk ($12).

    Keep that gunk off your hands and the counter! Find it here.

    17. This totally necessary hot dog slicer ($10).

    Hot dogs slip and bounce and get meat juices in places that don't want to be touched by meat. This makes it so much cleaner. Buy it here.

    18. This precise watermelon slicer ($39).

    Kitchen counters don't deserve to be sticky. Get it here.

    19. This cookie dough scooper and dropper ($10).

    So freaking precise. And doughy hands always manage to leave handprints over everything else in the kitchen. Available here.

    20. This simple knife-free slicer ($10).

    Keep those tomato innards in line. Get it here.

    21. This slick cheese slicer ($32).

    OK let's be honest. Cheese always makes undesirable imprints on your hands, cutting boards, knives, etc. Also, this will impress all your kitchen visitors. Get it here.