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    19 Gross Life Hacks That Are Actually Brilliant

    "I make sex tapes with my boyfriend so we don't have to pay for porn." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

    1. Use butter as a moisturizer:

    2. Go on Tinder for its unintended benefits:

    3. Make your cat relieve you of your monthly menses:

    4. Hack porn:

    5. Get extra usage out of your tampons:

    6. Find comfort in your own body:

    7. Scrub toothpaste on your face to wipe out your acne:

    8. Get extra usage out of panty liners:

    9. Get away with using a Sharpie for makeup:

    10. Use nail polish to fix worn-out soles:

    11. Hide your zits? No, TRANSFORM them:

    12. Buy brushes from art stores to use as makeup brushes:

    13. Use your straightener as clothing iron:

    14. Stop buying into gendered products:

    15. Include baby wipes into your menstruation routines?

    16. Use what you already have to masturbate:

    17. Go foraging in someone else's closet:

    18. Eliminate eye bags with glasses:

    19. The weirdest life hack of all hacks:

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