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    25 Marvelous Gifts That'll Make You A Better Person

    "Reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna."

    1. These pencils that grow into plants ($18).

    2. This enclosed and self-sustaining ecosphere ($33).

    3. This portable, foot-powered washing machine that uses minimal water ($200).

    The added bonus to this is that you don't have to go lugging around 30 pounds of dirty clothes every four weeks, you filthy animals. Buy it here.

    4. These stretchy silicone wraps ($15)

    5. This liquid plastic welder that can fix almost anything ($22).

    Less e-waste AND less money spent on new cords. Get it here.

    6. This tea-infuser stick ($19).

    7. This bamboo speaker that requires zero electricity ($25).

    8. This reusable water bottle that also filters your water.

    Purification without plastic trash. Get it here.

    9. This aquarium that also feeds your plants ($250).

    10. This smaller food-growing fish tank ($60).

    11. This stapleless stapler ($11).

    Staples are finicky to begin with anyway. Get it here.

    12. This portable solar-powered charger ($35).

    Comes with a flashlight and has incredible battery life. Buy it here.

    13. This wooden teether ($12).

    14. This candle-powered heater that's cheaper and consumes less energy ($52).

    15. This salad-dressing-maker shaker ($15).

    16. This organic and edible nail polish set ($35).

    17. This bottle-cap catcher ($10).

    This way, you can properly discard the caps after an inebriated night of shenanigans. Buy it here.

    18. These eco-highlighters that say no to plastics ($16).

    Like colored pencils, but better. Get them here.

    19. These topographical cork coasters ($40).

    20. A coffee subscription to sustainably grown beans ($16+).

    21. These ports that provide affordable access to solar energy, anywhere ($80).

    22. These pens that last for seven years ($9).

    This means you'll theoretically only have to buy 14 pens in your life. Buy them here.

    23. This solar-powered stove that cooks even under CLOUDY skies ($280).

    The sun truly is miraculous. Available here.

    24. This biodegradable urn that turns the ashes of your loved ones into trees ($145).

    25. The most important shirt of all time ($20).

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