25 Marvelous Gifts That'll Make You A Better Person

"Reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna."

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2. This enclosed and self-sustaining ecosphere ($33).

Great for anyone who wants to learn how ecosystems (like the Earth) work and potentially, how enclosed ecosystems can survive in ~space.~ Available here.

21. These ports that provide affordable access to solar energy, anywhere ($80).

Once you plug these ports into an outlet, they'll upgrade the electricity to solar using solar credits. By requesting more solar credits through the use of these ports, you're demanding cleaner energy overall. WinwinwinWIN. Get them here.

24. This biodegradable urn that turns the ashes of your loved ones into trees ($145).

Because who wouldn't want to become an actual Tree of Life? Or entrust your immor-tree-lity to someone else and look forward to one day inhabiting the life of a Gingko. Available here.

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