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Don't let praise from others sabotage your goals!

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Dear Diary, Today I worked out! I lifted weights, did a bit of cardio and even did a few rounds of kick boxing! Please don’t applaud me for this, as sometimes, applause and encouragement can be a reason to self sabotage my efforts. In fact, somedays, I feel that “encouragement and praise” are the reasons that I give up on all sorts of accomplishments! Let me explain…. 3 weeks ago, I was on the daily workout train! I was up early, completed weight training and cardio by 5:30–6 am every morning, and my day felt “complete” when I came home from work. I work with a personal trainer through an app on my phone, and not only is she one of my favorite people, but she is also very encouraging and goal orientated. She sends me reminders to complete my workouts, she checks in on me to see if I have questions or need advice and she sends me words of praise such as “great job” and “well done”. I love how interactive she is, and even from across the world she can be right there with me, sweating in my mini home gym. Toget

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