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    Yes, These 27 Pet Products Will Actually Do What They Say They Will

    Because you and your furry little sidekick deserve it.

    1. An extra long tug toy that attaches to a tree or fence so your dog can play tug-o-war without your arms taking the brunt of it.

    a reviewer photo of a German shepherd playing with the toy attached to a tree

    2. A jar of hemp dog-calming chews for the nervous little ninnies suffering from separation anxiety or environment-induced stress. These duck-flavored treats are made from natural ingredients, are vet recommended, and will calm your dog's nerves without inducing drowsiness. It'll also relax you because, as much as you love your pet, their excessive crying/barking is, well, a bit unbearable.

    3. A pair of de-shedding gloves to remove loose fur so you don't have to do any extra cleaning. The best part about them is they're not intimidating like other grooming tools. Your pet won't run away at the sight of them; in fact, they'll probably look forward to a nice petting session.

    4. A squeaker toy because the fun sounds will keep your dog entertained and might just make chewing more exciting. Ever give your dog a brand-new toy, have them break the squeaker in five minutes, and be on their merry way? 😒 Well, not anymore — this toy is made from durable, natural rubber that encases and protects the squeaker.

    a reviewer photo of a dog with the blue toy

    5. A "Mussel Mobility" supplement that'll keep your cat or dog (or both!) *joyfully* hopping around. It's made from just two natural ingredients — freeze-dried New Zealand green-lipped mussels and organic turmeric — to help maintain joint movement and alleviate stiffness or soreness associated with daily activities, aging, or any other muscle-related ailments.

    Mussel Mobility pet joint supplement black packaging

    6. A bottle of organic ear-cleaning drops, because ears are arguably the trickiest (and daunting) part of pet upkeep. This water-free solution prevents excess moisture that causes odor, wax buildup, and irritation. All you have to do is drop them in with regular cleanings and try to be extra quiet when you're opening up your next bag of chips — they're going to hear everything.

    Dog with dropper in ear

    7. A car booster seat so your tiny dog can look out the window for once (and stop distracting you while you're driving — for once).

    Reviewer's puppy in brown dog car seat

    8. A pet odor eliminating candle that actually lifts away odors left by your furry pal, instead of just masking them. And it doesn't stop there — the candle is made with a calming blend of chamomile and lavender to put your pet at ease after a long day! Your long day = work. Whiskers' long day = watching the birds from the window perch. Oh, to be a cat.

    The lavender and chamomile de-stress pet odor eliminating candle

    9. A cat dander remover and mitt in case you (personally) have an undying love for cats but your body (physically) repels them. We live in a cruel world — a world where you can't snuggle a cat without your eyes itching, your nose running, your skin breaking out, etc. — but products like this give us hope.

    10. An Enjoy-A-Bowl that is a three-part feeding system meant to help increase appetite stimulation in picky eaters. The bottom portion of the bowl holds the food that your pet notoriously loves (perhaps a piece of leftover chicken or some cold cuts?) to pique their interest, but is separated by a filter so they don't actually eat it! Simply click in the top bowl, fill it with the healthy food Fido refuses to eat, and prepare to be in awe as he finally chows down.

    the green and orange enjoy a bowl with a dog's paw on it

    11. A pack of dental treats because you'd be better off attempting to domesticate a raccoon from your backyard than attempting to brush your already-domesticated dog's teeth. Save yourself the frustration (and your pup from plaque buildup) by supplementing half-hearted brushing sessions with these.

    Reviewers dog holding dental treat in mouth

    12. A wet food that's formulated with cat's instinctual needs in mind. Cats are naturally carnivorous, and most of the cat food on the market is packed with potato, corn, and wheat additives as filler. Unlike the industry standard, Cat Person's wet food is grain-free and packs about 85% more protein! It also contains the majority of your cat's daily water needs, which is great considering you probably can't remember the last time your cat drank from their water bowl. Take a second to think about it. I'm right, aren't I?

    13. A rechargeable nail grooming tool to safely and quickly trim your dog's nails. The rotary tool is a less abrasive alternative to nail clippers and much less scary for both you and your pet.

    14. A pet wand shower attachment that provides full coverage for washing dogs of all sizes and makes bath time a quick, one-handed operation.

    Shower want being used on dog in bath

    15. A pack of pet breath bites in case your dog's breath is, well, especially stinky. I know, you love to see your dog smiling — from a distance — but with the help of these, you'll have no problem getting up close and personal. More puppy kisses, please!

    a reviewer photo of a person holding the treat over their dog

    16. A unique hair and lint remover because your pet insists on sleeping on your bed, which is welcomed, of course, until you wake up covered in fur. This bad boy'll lift pet hair off your furniture, blankets, and clothes in one quick motion while eliminating the need for you to touch said fur after the fact with its self-cleaning case.

    17. Speaking of fur, a pet grooming vacuum attachment that fits onto any vacuum thanks to its nearly universal fit. Visible shedding is a good indicator that your pet is in need of grooming, so the next time you notice pet hair on your couch, you can use the attachment to groom your pet ASAP and clean up the mess they left behind.

    18. An allergy-relief dog treat if your dog is constantly itching...and I'm talking constantly...up at 3 a.m scratching away — a burden to your poor li'l pup and your sleep schedule.

    Reviewer's black lab with white bottle of anti itch treats

    19. A portable paw cleaner to keep by the door so your pups can dig in the dirt without it being a complete disaster every time. Add a bit of water to the cup, insert their paws and gently massage them against the silicon brush for thorough cleaning.

    20. A chew toy for aggressive chewers that'll distract them from munching on your furniture. It tastes way better than the legs of your dining room chairs and will clean your dog's teeth in the process, in case they refuse to sit still for a teeth-brushing session. Got emmm'.

    21. A slow-feeding dog bowl to help your very hungry pup pace their meals. Fast eating leads to digestion problems such as bloating and regurgitation. This bowl has meal-lengthening ridges that'll slow down dinnertime, keeping your pup happy, healthy, and satisfied!

    22. A container of eye-wash pads that'll easily remove dirt and bacteria from your dog or cat's eyes with a quick swipe. You and I both know that your pet only has the patience for a quick swipe...if that.

    Model holding eyewash pad from white container

    23. A hair dryer brush because you're not completely out of the woods with bath time until your pet is *fully* dry and fluffy. The dryer's design allows you to dry and brush with one hand and has gentle airflow/adjustable temperatures to ensure comfort.

    Hair drying brush being used on cat

    24. A microfiber dog towel that soaks water in like a sponge and prevents that wet-dog smell we all know and hate. 😖😖😖

    25. A crate training aid to encourage licking, which is proven to have a calming effect on even the most hyper of pups. It's an easy way to engage your dog and help them *willingly* go to their crate, seeing it as a safe haven — as opposed to a prison. Just add their favorite spread onto the tool, insert it into the crate panel, and turn 90° to lock it into place. And don't forget to try out the included freezer shell for a yummy puppy popsicle! A pupsicle, if you will.

    26. A plug-in calming diffuser that releases feline pheromones for overstimulated, anxious, or aggressive cats. It aids problematic kitty behavior, including but not limited to excessive scratching, urine marking, and fighting with dogs — because I, for one, believe in a future where Whiskers and Fido can finally get along.

    Reviewers cat against wall with purple diffuser plug-in

    27. A bottle of keratin leave-in conditioner (yes, the same brand that humans use!) to keep all your high-maintenance pups' coats silky and smooth. 💅

    Chi for dogs keratin leave in conditioner spray bottle

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.