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    30 Things From Wayfair That’ll Spruce Up Your Guest Room This Holiday Season

    All I ask is that you don't blame me when your guests refuse to leave. 🙏

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of down-alternative pillows because the pillows in your guest room right now are...let's just say, a little flat.

    the white pillow

    2. And while we're at it, a down-alternative mattress topper in case the guest bed is your old mattress that literally gave you back problems. We love our guests, but we're not gonna buy a whole new mattress (c'mon) — this topper is comfy enough to make them think we did.

    a reviewer photo of the white mattress topper on bed

    3. An adorable Christmas tree night-light because it'll add a little bit of festive cheer and ensure your guests aren't stumbling over furniture in the dark.

    White christmas tree night light in outlet

    4. A convertible sleeper chair in case your "guest room" is really just a corner of your small apartment. It'll serve as an accent chair for you and a personal bed for your guest!

    5. A Keurig mini that'll win you the title of "host with the most" when you're guests see it sitting on the table of the guest room with a mug and some K-Cups. Like, what are you, a 5-star hotel?! Bravo.

    Black Keurig k-mini on counter top

    6. And a customizable mug to go with your guest room coffee station. How cute would this be sitting next to the Keurig? You really are the host with the most — and your guest even has their own personalized souvenir to take home with them, commemorating their amazing stay at Hotel You.

    White mug with reindeer on it that says Stephen

    7. An essential oil diffuser in case your cat claims the guest room the 360 days of the year it's not in use. Don't worry — upon arrival into their ~suite,~ your guest will be welcomed with the relaxing scent of lavender instead of dander.

    Round oil diffuser with wood grain finish

    8. A dresser with fabric drawers because it won't take up much space, yet still provides plenty of storage for the guest who tends to overpack.

    Long 4 drawer dresser with beige canvas drawers and white metal hardware

    9. A heated throw blanket if your guest room happens to be on the draftier side of the house...aand that's precisely why it's the guest room.

    a reviewer photo of the blanket on a chair

    10. A pair of Hanukkah slippers so your guest doesn't feel weird about roaming around your house barefoot. It's a nice lil' gift, and it'll also spare them the awkwardness of staying in someone else's home and trying to figure out the shoe policy without outright asking — the slippers speak for themselves.

    Blue slippers with yellow and white dreidels and menoarhs on them

    11. A shag area rug because a recurring theme is the overall neglect of the guest room. Do we really have to replace the carpet in there just because it's stained? No, we don't...but we do panic when we ignore the problem all year, and now our family will be staying over for a month. Enter the area rug — a Band-Aid for a dingy carpet or worn-out floor.

    the gray area rug

    12. A wireless stick-on reading light in case your guest is a known bookworm. Bonus: The lamp can be removed and act as a flashlight to guide your guest to the bathroom at night. Remember, they don't have the same muscle memory that allows you to seamlessly navigate through your hallway in the dark.

    White wireless light stuck onto black desk above laptop

    13. A luxuriously cozy down comforter that'll make your guest feel like they're staying at the Ritz. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said pls don't blame me if they never want to leave. Leaving this here as evidence of my official disclaimer.

    a reviewer photo of the white comforter on bed in bedroom with christmas light decorations

    14. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper that's a much easier upgrade than repainting. It's just enough to spruce up the entire room and cover up the walls that haven't been painted in well...ever.

    the bluish gray wallpaper

    15. A clothing rack so your guests can organize their outfits for the festivities ahead and hang up the articles of clothing that absolutely cannot remain folded in their suitcase a minute longer.

    the clothing rack

    16. A reusable Advent calendar you can fill with little treats for your guests because the holiday season brings out the kid in everybody, and even your most ~mature~ guests won't be able to do anything but smile when they see it.

    a reviewer photo of the house shaped advent calendar

    17. A bedside water carafe that'll have your guests absolutely floored by your keen attention to detail. I mean, they have their own water pitcher with a matching little glass, conveniently placed at their bedside all because their generous host thinks of just about *everything and anything* they could possibly need. Wow.

    a reviewer photo of the glass bedside water carafe that says H2O in etching, on white end table

    18. A compact nightstand so your guest feels right at home in their guest room. After all, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to fall asleep without all your bedtime essentials within immediate reach.

    a reviewer photo of the wooden square shaped bed table with top drawer, books in bottom cubby and lamp, plant, and book on the top

    19. A Christmas plant because it's a nice decorative touch that'll add a bit of holiday cheer and most likely make your guest say, "Awww."

    a reviewer photo of the red ceramic pot with white snowflakes on it, christmas pine and berry plant arrangement inside

    20. A pair of room-darkening curtains so your guests can sleep in as long as they want. Now that's what I call a true vacation.

    21. A decorative pillow for the guest bed to make it a bit more ~homey~ and a lot more festive.

    Beige decorative pillow that says Merry Christmas in red & white

    22. Speaking of festive, a string of fairy lights because lighting has the ability to completely transform a room. If there's ever a time to add a little extra twinkle into your home, it's definitely this time of year.

    Yellow fairy lights behind sheer white curtain

    23. A tufted futon sleeper sofa in case you're hosting more guests than anticipated and you don't have another bed to spare (or if your guest room is also your WFH office). A compact seating option by day and a comfy bed by night — problem solved. It even has two outlets and two USB ports so your guest's devices can always stay charged.

    a reviewer photo of the dark gray futon sleeper sofa

    24. A woven floor basket that you can fill with extra blankets and pillows or all the miscellaneous items you've been storing in your guest room and now don't know what to do with.

    the beige and white basket

    25. A wreath to hang outside the guest room as a little preview of the comfy, cozy, cheerful wonders that lie behind the door.

    a reviewer photo of the light up wreath

    26. A balsam-scented candle that'll add even more to the holiday ambiance you've so brilliantly curated. With this kind of attention to detail, your guests have no choice but to be impressed.

    Green balsam scented candle

    27. A tufted headboard if your guest bed is really just a guest bed frame and your guest room currently feels like a dorm. This'll change that. Instantly.

    a reviewer photo of the gray headboard behind bed with white comforter and white and gray pillows

    28. A plaid comforter and sham set because it's festive yet understated and will work in the room all winter long.

    a reviewer photo of the beige comforter with gray and red plaid design on bed, beige and gray bear accent pillow

    29. A simple vanity so your guest can get ready for the holiday celebrations without hogging your makeup mirror. This is a time of joy, and the quickest way to a riff between you and your guests is by interrupting each other's precious "getting ready in front of the mirror" time.

    the white and gold vanity

    30. A soft and thick microfiber throw for an extra layer of coziness. After this, I don't think your guest room could get any cozier.

    a reviewer photo of the beige throw blanket on a gray couch

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