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    30 Stylish Swimsuits From Walmart You Should Buy For Your Next Vacation

    Yes folks, it's officially time to debut your new tankini.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A checkered cut-out one piece in case you prefer to cover up but would still like to show a lil' skin. Not an oxymoron — it's actually quite possible with a suit like this.

    Model wearing black and white checkered print one piece swimsuit with center cut-out

    2. A tankini top — the Goldilocks of swimsuits if you will. If you don't want to wear a bikini and don't like full suits either, try this with a pair of your favorite bottoms.

    Model wearing black tankini top with black bottoms

    3. A puffed-sleeve swimsuit because it can easily convert to a cute crop top when you decide to leave the beach and head over to happy hour. "No shirts, no shoes, no service" — not applicable here.

    4. An asymmetric keyhole bikini top that's simply not like the rest. If you're over the triangle tops, and the bandeau tops, and have been praying to the beach gods for something you haven't seen before in swimwear — this is for you.

    Model wearing black one shoulder keyhole bikini top

    5. A ruffle one-piece because contrary to popular belief, ruffles aren't just for dresses and skirts. You'll be making a fashion statement when you pop up to the pool wearing this.

    Model wearing black one-piece with ruffle sleeves

    6. A convertible top so you have options. It can be worn as pictured, crossed in the front, or as a one-shoulder top. Wear it one way to the beach and another way to the pool the following day — you'll save room in your suitcase and still have two different looks for your summer vacay.

    Model wearing ribbed cross-top bikini in burgundy

    7. A pair of floral boy short bottoms that you can wear with any single-colored bathing suit top you already own. The shorts are the star of the show, of course, but would go great with your black top, your yellow top, your blue top...you get it.

    Model wearing floral print boy shorts

    8. And the matching top in case you wanna take it a step further, and because it looks like a silky bandana blouse and I'm not completely convinced it's actually swimwear. (But it is)

    Model wearing bandana style floral swim top with matching shorts

    9. A swim skirt that eliminates a cover-up. Besides that, it's a breath of fresh air for those of us who like to cover up our bottom and can't seem to find a bikini or one-piece that actually does that in this day and age.

    model wearing pink swim skirt

    10. A cheetah print swimsuit because this year, you're going to ~fiercely~ strut your stuff down the boardwalk. And if that doesn't sound like you, trust me, once you slip this on, you will channel your inner feline. It's just the power of animal print.

    Model wearing cheetah print one-piece swimsuit

    11. A color block bandeau top with removable straps in case you're very concerned about tan lines but are also very concerned about support. Thankfully, this top has boning on the sides to put any of those worries at ease.

    Model wearing bandeau top with three shades of pink color block design

    12. A pair of high-waisted bikini bottoms so you can feel completely comfortable and confident in a two-piece. You'll also adore the subtle cut-out design on the back.

    13. A two-piece swim dress. Yes, I said it — a swim dress, because going to the beach is an event in its own right and you're about to be best dressed.

    Model wearing black swimdress

    14. A floral rashguard if you're about to ~hit the waves~ or live in fear of getting a sunburn...whatever you're reasoning, you're still going to look cute with this.

    Model wearing black rash guard  with white floral design, paired with black shorts

    15. A ribbed tankini top because I got a feeling tankinis are coming back in a big way. Rightfully so, they offer just the right amount of coverage, support, and are as stylish as a cute halter top — and you're not doing summer right if you don't wear a halter at least once.

    Model wearing ribbed blue tankini top with matching bottoms

    16. A ribbed bikini bottom in case you're going for the ~sporty~ look. You wearing this while playing beach volleyball? Sports Illustrated-worthy, honestly.

    model wearing blue ribbed bikini bottom

    17. A cute pink bikini top that's nothing like your ordinary swimsuit. I don't even know where to start — the strawberry-like color, the u-wire design...it's just a win all around.

    model wearing pink bikini top with u-shaped design

    18. A one-shoulder bikini with a cutout, lace-design because it's pretty much the most fun swimsuit these eyes have ever seen. I'm pretty sure you're already guaranteed a good time just by putting it on.

    Model wearing pink cut-out bikini with blue lace on the top

    19. A striped ruffle top for the cutest sailor look I've ever seen. I'm sincerely hoping at some point over this summer, you'll get to wear this on a boat. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Model wearing blue and white striped ruffle top

    20. A cut-out one-piece in case you're trying to be more versatile with your swimsuits this year. Making the transition from two-piece to a one-piece? This is the perfect thing for that.

    Model wearing blue and orange checkered cutout one-piece bathing suit

    21. A front-tie top in a tropical print so you'll feel like you're on a Caribbean ~getaway~ no matter where you are...even if you're just at your local pool.

    Model wearing blue tropical print front-tie bikini top

    22. A leopard print maternity tankini top because if anyone is fierce it's an expecting mama at the end of their second trimester in the middle of the summer. Plus, the fly-away silhouette offers room for your adjustment as your belly gets bigger.

    23. A monokini if you have an '80s themed pool party coming up...Or if you're just looking to switch it up with something retro and very stylish.

    Model wearing monokini with pink top and red bottom, center ring cutout

    24. A simple black suit that'll add ~a lil' edge~ to your beach days. Bathing suits don't always have to be tropical, bright, or floral — you'll still be making a statement in this elegant piece.

    Model wearing black v-cut one piece suit

    25. A classic triangle top if you're searching for a traditional teenie weenie, itsy bitsy bikini. It's also available in a bunch of colors — probably because it's so reliable, you're going to buy a few.

    Model in yellow triangle bikini top

    26. A top with underwire and cups in case you're looking for a little extra ~va va voom.~ Don't be bashful, this is your summer.

    Model wearing orange bikini top

    27. A ruffle top with an extremely cute flower clip detail in the center. Feeling like Malibu Barbie is a surefire way to have ~fun in the sun.~

    28. A pair of simple string bottoms to give you the freedom you need. Comfy and *adjustable.* Our favorite feature.

    Model wearing light blue string bikini bottoms

    29. A sparkly bandeau top that will literally have you glistening in the sun. Get used to being the center of attention.

    Model wearing black sparkly bandeau top

    30. A matching sarong and bucket hat set to add over pretty much any solid suit on here and elevate the look x1000.

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