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Your Ultimate Guide To "Lust For Life" Instagram Captions

Life imitates art.

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Lana Del Rey's highly anticipated "Lust For Life" drops tomorrow, 7/21. Because Lana's lyrics obviously make the best Instagram captions, I've rounded up the best lyrics from the new album. Happy posting!

For when you're #SquadGoals AF

* "Look at you, kids, you know you're the coolest / The world is yours and you can't refuse it"

* "God Bless America, and all of the beautiful women in it"

* "Just beautiful people with beautiful problems"

* "Lean into the fucking youth"

* "Long live our reign"

* "Shaking and moving / In a local spot"

* "Throw up your hands and get loose"

For that selfie you just HAVE to post

* "I'm smoking while I'm runnin' this town and you better believe it, honey"

* "Who's tougher than this bitch / Who's freer than me"

* "City girl, but she grew up in the tri-state"

* "I'm laughing as I'm taking my prisoners / And taking down names"

* "My modern manifesto"

* "Keepin' me hot like July forever"

* "I'm camera ready / Almost all the time"

* "Slippin' on my dress in soft filters"

* "There's no stopping now, green lights forever"

* "High tops in the summer / don't be a bummer, babe"

For when you're in your feelings

* "The facts of life, can sometimes make it hard to dream"

* "There's no more chasing rainbows /And hoping for an end to them"

* "My rose garden dreams, set on fire by fiends"

* "if I had my way / You'd would always stay /And I'd be your tiny dancer, honey"

* "I hear the sweetest melodies / On the fire escapes of the city"

* "Sobbin' in my cup of coffee / 'Cause I fell for another loser"

* "Everywhere I turn / There's something blocking my escape"

* "It's like smiling when the firing squad's against you/ and you just stay lined up"

* "You wanna make the switch / Be my guest, baby"

* "All of my peaches are ruined"

* "Summer's meant for loving and leaving."


When you and bae post up

* "Cause boy we're gold, boy we're gold"

* "My babe, my babe, stay on my brain"

* "Everybody said you're a killer / But I couldn't stop the way I was feeling"

* "You got me in my feelings"

* "You're gonna hit me like lightning"

* "Sing along word for word while she my bae"

* "I know that you're doing it all for me"

* "My boyfriend's back / and he's cooler than ever."

* "Doesn't matter 'cause it's enough / To be young and in love"

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