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    Holy Shit, You Need To See Will Forte's Half-Shaved Face

    For real though. WTF.

    Will Forte showed up at a party on Friday night with a half-shaved face and no one knows how to handle it.

    Todd Williamson / Getty Images

    The Last Man On Earth star’s beard has practically become its own character, being tested at one point on The Tonight Show for fecal matter.

    But Forte's new look is, well, rather extreme. He even shaved one of his eyebrows off.


    Todd Williamson / Getty Images

    Other folks from the show appeared to join him in solidarity.

    Todd Williamson / Getty Images

    Will Forte and Mel Rodriguez

    Doesn't get any easier to look at. #LastManOnEarth comes back March 2016! @OrvilleIV @LastManFOX

    In case you forgot what his face looks like under there, here you go.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Some people were disturbed.

    @OrvilleIV thanks for the nighmares Will

    Others were more accepting.

    I want this to become a trend. It's the yin and yang of hairstyle

    Overall: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    This is the most ridiculous thing Will Forte has done since MacGruber.

    We say this: You do you, Will. YOU DO YOU.

    The Last Man On Earth / Via

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