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    13 DIY Halloween Makeup Tips From An Expert That'll Take Your Costume To The Next Level

    Tips to inspire your Halloween costume that you can do yourself.

    Attempting your own Halloween makeup this year?

    We talked to skin and makeup expert Kris Baranco who shared basic tips and fire inspiration to help you nail your holiday look.

    1. Smokey eyes are foundational and universal.

    foundation halloween cracked makeup

    2. Bring the drama and go for the bold lash.

    halloween as a painting colorful makeup eyelashes

    3. Paint the mask onto your face instead of buying one.

    4. Unleash your inner animal.

    animal eye makeup

    5. Extreme graphic liner for the win.

    eyeliner halloween spider eyes makeup

    6. Skulls are a timeless Halloween makeup staple.

    7. Use fangs, plus blood, and BOOM: you’re a vampire.

    halloween vampire blood and fangs and eye makeup

    8. Be original and put your own spin on the cult classics.

    cult classic makeup

    9. Master brow blocking to expand your costume options.

    little mermaid ursula makeup

    10. Iconic 'staches and facial hair can really transform a look.

    frida khalo makeup halloween fake mustache unibrow

    11. No matter your level of expertise don’t hesitate to experiment with SFX makeup — any mistakes can be disguised with blood.

    SFX makeup blood blades and heart carved out

    12. When in doubt follow a Halloween tutorial on YouTube.

    13. Don’t limit your self expression. It’s Halloween!

    pop comic makeup

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