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Ask A Tarot Card Designer Anything You Want To Know About Cards

Submit your tarot card questions or any about tarot card design and expert, Linzi Silverman, will answer them!

It seems like tarot card decks are having a big moment right now. Perhaps they're just more mainstream nowadays or maybe it's because we're living in this pandemic world, and could all use a little more ~guidance~.

Are you a tarot card deck newbie? Maybe want to know what people use them for.

Or you possibly already know what tarot is, but want more tips on how to read and understand the messages of the cards?

Linzi Silverman Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot Card Deck

Curb your curiosities on how art is made for each one! Perhaps you want to know, what the inspiration for the art is?

Whatever your question, we want to hear about it! Submit your question in the box below, and it could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!