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3 (+1 Coming Soon) Social Media That Took An L And Cannot Bounce Back

3 dead social media and 1 coming soon

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Ah.. talking about social media, there are a lot of social networking platforms that still exists in the market today, some of them are the giant itself, Facebook, the picture sharing/show off/bragging platform,Instagram and the pioneer of illusion of free choices, by limiting our free speech to 140 words, Twitter but, amongst the many there are 4 social media that cannot stand through time, or as Big Sean says in his new single, took an L but cannot bounce back


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The first of the list is Friendster, the friendly social media. Friendster was created in 2002 by Peter Chin, Jonathan Abrams and, Dave Lee. The group wanted to find a way for people to meet new friends on the Internet. We could say that Friendster is the pioneer of social networking sites in the 21st century. Launched in 2002, it gains success in the United States and shows the possibility of connecting everyone in the world with a single click.


the decline of friendster is not purely its own fault. After getting famous and used by a lot of people in The United States, there are a lot of competition coming from other social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook. People are more comfortable in using those sites instead of Friendster. an analysis from PCMAG stated that it's apparent that Friendster put way too much emphasis on the media, and not enough on the social. It is true, because if you remember Friendster is all about making your profile page as interesting cough weird cough as possible. And its lack of conversation function and news feed make the users move to the newer, cooler social networking sites, Myspace.

The second social media that is dead or left out is MySpace. MySpace is a social networking site created in 2003. It was founded by employees of eUniverse, an internet marketing company. Chris DeWolfe, Brad Greenspan, Tom Anderson and Josh Berman worked on the project after realizing the huge potential of Friendster. Created in January 2004, MySpace gains a massive 5 millions user in just 11 months since its birth.

The results of its popularity, is a decline in the popularity of Friendster, which led to its doom.


The decline of MySpace is happened beacuse of the same reason Friendster died, competitors. In MySpace case, it is the king itself Facebook. But, at that time Facebook is just starting from an idea as a place for college students to gather and connect with each other. Therefore, MySpace is still declared top social networking sites until 2009.

in April 2009 Google's $900 Million for three years deal is an offer that MySpace could not refuse, but from there it just went worse and worse. Because of the deal, MySpace are forced to double the ads placement in the website, creating an uncomfortable experience in surfing the sites and slower loading time for the users. Meanwhile, other competitors are creating simple UI and faster and better function to improve social experience.

The third and most recent social network sites that just shut down is Vine. Vine is a social networking site that allows the user to create a 6 second loop video and share it to the whole world.

Vine was founded by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012. The company was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 for a reported $30 million. Within a few months to 1 year, Vine become one of the most downloaded apps in Apple Store.

Vine became famous because the breakthrough that it offers, uploading creative video that is ranging from comedy skits to magic tricks that only lasts for 6 seconds. Although, Vine only has its glory days for almost 3 years before the announcement of its shutdown by Twitter in October 2016


The decline of vine is a little bit ambiguous, some people said its because of lack of support from Vine to the Artist, some others said that its because of competition from Instagram Video and Snapchat. But, one thing that is definite is that Vine can not compete with other social networking sites. Instagram introduced Instagram video not long after Vine was famous, moreover, Instagram introduced longer video upload, which gathers the interest of a lot of famous viners.

The slow response from Vine and Twitter to compete with other social networking sites and the fact that Twitter itself was in an uncomfortable position due to a decrease in its stock share create a decision that Vine would be discontinued in October 2016.

Although, its life is short, Vine will be remembered in the user's heart as a breakthrough in creating 6 second video, and as a platform for many stars today.

The last social media that is predicted to follow the other three in this article is twitter. yes, that twitter. Twitter was once a massive digital place where people can share whatever in their thoughts with a limit of 140 words, a breakthrough in social media to limit your free speech.

Twitter began as an idea that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@Jack) had in 2006. Dorsey had originally imagined Twitter as an SMS-based communications platform. Jack Dorsey proposed his idea during a brainstorming session together with the co-founder of podcasting company Odeo, Evan Williams and Biz stone. Afterward, Evan and Biz gave green light to Jack to fulfill his idea

The rising of twitter began in the first web 2.0 Expo in San Fransisco a month later, where twitter got promoted for the first time, at that event, there are 60 thousand tweets and more being tweeted. After the conclusion of the event, Twitter keeps growing in popularity to become one of the biggest social media in recent times.

In reality, Twitter is not dead yet, maybe it is 5-10 years away from its dying moment, but when we see the growth of twitter compare to its competitors, it is safe to say that there is a possibility of twitter to join this list.

in July 2016, Twitter reported 0.50% growth in its shares, the slowest growth in quarterly revenue since going public in 2013.

One of the main reason that caused this problem is competition. Social media field is not an easy field to compete with. Various social media with new attractive features are always released, and they need to compete to attract user.

Although in this case, Twitter's attempt to implement various features and functions, make the charm of simple social media with just 140 words disappear, it changes into a place like mosh pit, not organized.

In the end, almost all of the social network sites listed in the article, declined its popularity because of two main reasons, disappointing the loyal user, and can not compete with its competitors. It makes me curious that, which social media will repeat the same mistakes, and make me update the list in the near future?

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