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    Is Flossing Recommended

    There are some people that are often confused on this, and there have been studies which wrongly publish this. Often, every dentist out there will tell you that you should floss, and often you don’t listen, but there is false information out there about flossing that has recently surfaced. This article will go over just what that information is, and the consequences of this sort of thing.

    The first thing to note is exactly what happened. Often, the associated press will go to departments to help produce the guidelines for many programs, such as the surgeon general’s, which include flossing. When the government responded with research not based on concrete evidence, the AP then looked at research from the last decade, and they wrote an article that focused on studies that showed the comparison of brushing versus brushing and flossing. The conclusion of the study by the AP said that flossing was weak, low quality, and not totally reliable, and that it has a lot of bias. However, none of these studies showed concrete evidence for what had been around for a long time.

    However, because of this review, the article did bring them a lot of revenue because of how much it was used, and even the click baity nature of this. It was then used the capitalize on the favor of the week stories, and often, the public heard about this, but not actually looking at the context.

    This led to the public denouncing the dentists who were trying to encourage this, and that’s how many people started to go against the dentist. However, because of this, it created not only a rift between practitioners and patients, and it also started to create worsened tooth health.

    Now, the truth of this, is that it’s still recommended by dentists. There are loads of reasons why. There’s a little adage that says “if you take the F out of floss, you get loss” and that’s definitely true. Think about it as well, dentists don’t make money from this, but you actually get free packs because they want you to. Dentists and hygienists will keep doing it, and the studies questioning it are incomplete. Remember, flossing gets rid of the bacteria, reduces cavities between teeth, and will also massage and help prevent gum disease. While a couple of studies might say it’s not effective, there are so many other benefits that can come from this that it’s worth noting.

    You’ll still hear from the dentist to keep flossing and such. However, don’t discount this because it’s predicable, but remember that it is predicable for a reason. If you really want to do a bit heavier of research on it, you can do a simple Google search to help you.

    In fact, you can even ask your friends about it. You might discover that there are some health benefits to this. There are some that do floss regularly and definitely don’t have cavities and other problems. Many people recognize the health benefits, so they don’t need to be told to floss, and many will still continue to floss despite the news stories. You should also keep in mind if you are going to research the media tends to lie about much of this, and they will put out anything to help gain likes and clicks. Many people make money off this type of clickbait sort of thing, so make sure that you do recognize it, and keep that in mind, exercising good judgment when you start to look into this.

    Simply put, professionals will continue to tell you to floss, and there are a myriad of reasons why flossing is necessary for overall horal health. Do yourself a favor and ensure that you’re keeping the health of your teeth in mind, and start to floss today. You’ll be able to help, and when you go to your local dentist, you’ll be able to let them marvel at how great your teeth are. Flossing is one of the best things that you can do for your oral health, and it’s imperative if you want to have a great set of chompers, so make sure that you do it.