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A Plus-Size Male Model Just Got Signed At A Major Agency, And People Are Stoked

Meet IMG's first "Brawn" model, Zach Miko.

There have been some serious breakthrough moments for plus-size models this year...

Sports Illustrated
Women's Running

(See: Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and Nadia Aboulhosn on the cover of Women’s Running.)

...and now, another one will be added to the roster: IMG Models just introduced a new plus-size men's division called "Brawn," according to WWD.

@IMGmodels / Via Twitter: @IMGmodels

Ivan Bart, president of IMG Models, told WWD, "Brawn has a body positive message. Brawn is physical strength."

The first person signed to their new division is Zach Miko, who has gained attention in the past for being Target's only plus-size male model.

"Being a man of size, I never imagined for a minute that this would be a possible career," Miko told BuzzFeed.

Instagram: @zachmiko

"Then, Ivan told me about his dreams for the fashion industry: diversity, inclusion, evolution," he said. "I knew then I hadn’t just found an agency, I had found a home."

"The Brawn division is going to open up the fashion world to the everyman. Fashion is ever-changing, but more importantly it is ever-evolving," said Miko.

He added that he has been "so lucky that for the most part the response has been overwhelmingly positive." People on Twitter have chimed in to show their support for IMG's new division.

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@MeiravDevash / Via Twitter: @MeiravDevash
@BigMenCanModel / Via Twitter: @BigMenCanModel

"You are beautiful the way you are right now," Miko said. "Who you are — no matter what shape or size or age or what have you — is attractive, desirable, and valid."

@zachmiko / Via

"We have been told for so long that beauty is this one thing, but times are changing," he said. "It’s a new conversation. Beauty comes in every variety. If you want to be a model, go do it. Dress up, take pictures, post on your Instagram, tell a story, be proud of who you are right now. Put yourself out there. You never know who is watching."