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Guys, I Need This Suit Made Out Of A Bed Comforter

Talk about ~living the dream~.

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Thanks to Daylight Savings, we lost an hour of sleep (rude), so Jurys Inn Hotel Group decided to make a suit out of a comforter so you can easily nap on the go.

Facebook / Via Facebook: JurysInns

Also, 56% of British people already have a hard time waking up due to lack of sleep, according to a survey the hotel conducted.


As of right now, though, the Suvet is just a prototype, but it can be real if there's enough interest.

YouTube / Via

"We will definitely consider putting a limited edition run into production — after all, who doesn’t like the thought of a duvet day, every day," said Suzanne Cannon, Head of Marketing for Jurys Inn.

So, if you want this beautiful portable bed to be available to the public, tweet @JurysInnshotels with #JurysInnSuvet.