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A Woman Re-Created That Creepy Black Bath Bomb IRL

Oh my goth.

In case you missed it, people were losing their shit over this black bath bomb sold by Bella Muerte Clothing.

@toxicbitchcraft / Via

Goth AF.

But due to its insane popularity, it sold out and won't be available again until Oct. 3.

So DIY YouTuber Corinne from ThreadBanger tried to remake them on her own, and damn, she killed it.

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Like, I am officially dead, dudes.

Here's how she did it:

First, she had to buy a crapload of stuff.


Annoying, I know. You'll need:

* 1/2 cup baking soda

* 1/4 cup citric acid

* 1/4 cup cornstarch

* 1/4 cup Epsom salt (or sea salt)

* 3 tsp vegetable oil or other

* 1 tsp essential oil

* Soap or food coloring

* 1 tsp water

She mixed the wet ingredients together first (the food coloring, oils, and water) in a spray bottle.

Then, she mixed the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and slowly added the wet ingredients with a spray bottle and a whisk.

At the last minute she decided to add more food coloring, just FYI.

Once done whisking, she packed the mixture into two sphere molds (which you can buy here!) and let them set in the fridge.


Mmmm, black stuff.

After two hours, she popped 'em out and they looked like this.


Perfection, basically.

Finally, she dropped it in a bathtub, and it ACTUALLY WORKED.


*standing ovation*

So go forth, my friends. Match that bathtub to your soul.

Bella Muerte Clothing / Via