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    People Are Getting 3D Tattoos And It's Trippy As Hell

    Meet the mastermind behind the designs, Winston the Whale.

    Portland-based tattoo artist Winston the Whale is becoming well-known for his incredible works of 3D art.

    The pieces, which are inspired by vintage 3D glasses, use red and blue ink to make the images seemingly jump off the skin.

    Winston said it all started when his friend asked him for a 3D skull tattoo. "It was totally experimental and I really wasn't sure how it would look, but it turned out awesome and the response from it on Instagram was phenomenal," he told BuzzFeed.

    Immediately after he posted the photo, he became flooded with requests for more designs.

    The former graffiti artist started tattooing as a "fluke" and said getting into the medium "happened super fast and I honestly didn't expect it to become a career path."

    Since then, he's gained a major following due to his old-school tattooing style.

    "I think [people] like [3D tattoos] so much because they are just for fun and very trippy to look at," he told BuzzFeed. "It's also very nostalgic. Everyone knows that classic red and blue 3D look and so it is something that is familiar for them."

    Winston the Whale said his designs are stripped down to their most basic form, "which allows the viewer to react instantly to it."

    "Although there is a place for beauty and complexity, it's refreshing to see something that is simple and just for fun."