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    I Tried Wedgie Jeans So You Don't Have To

    1,000 butt pics ahead.

    So, here's the deal: Levi's just launched new jeans for women that give you a permanent wedgie.


    Like, on purpose.

    The "Wedgie" jean (yes, that's what it's actually called) "accentuates the waist and fits snug through the hips — designed to highlight a woman's curves," according to Levi's.

    "The back pockets are slightly tilted inwards to give women that perfectly round derrière that vintage Levi's styles achieve so well."


    Ooohhh, and there's an apple on the bottom I GET ITTTAASKJDAHjshdf

    But the thing is, how would a perma-wedgie jean look and feel IRL?

    Levi's / Via

    Especially on someone who has bigger, um, ~assets~ than the model pictured.

    Well, I got my hands on a pair to find outttt.


    Thanks, Levi's!

    After asking/forcing my boyfriend to take pics of me, they looked pretty standard from the front: high-waisted and fitted through the legs with frayed bottoms.


    And the back definitely delivered on their "LOOK @ MY BUTT" mission statement.

    Via BuzzFeed

    Maybe even 2 much?

    But man, just doing a slight lunge made my entire vag light on fire.


    That crotch is tight AF considering they are 100% cotton with no stretch.

    I mean, hi, this is what I was dealing with.


    *cue Sum 41's "In Too Deep"*

    And just trying to sit down was truly a trip to hell and back...


    Talk about severe crotchal constraints.

    ...Mostly for my butthole. :(

    YouTube / Via

    This isn't me, but a very brave man.

    The bottom (heh) line? They definitely delivered on their wedgie promise.


    But you might need to give your crotch a quick breather throughout the day just for, like, good measure.*


    *Future potential vag probs.

    You can swipe a pair for $88, if you're into ’em.


    Or not. I don't care!

    Either way, let's hear it for butts.