I Tried Wedgie Jeans So You Don't Have To

    1,000 butt pics ahead.

    So, here's the deal: Levi's just launched new jeans for women that give you a permanent wedgie.

    The "Wedgie" jean (yes, that's what it's actually called) "accentuates the waist and fits snug through the hips — designed to highlight a woman's curves," according to Levi's.

    "The back pockets are slightly tilted inwards to give women that perfectly round derrière that vintage Levi's styles achieve so well."

    But the thing is, how would a perma-wedgie jean look and feel IRL?

    Well, I got my hands on a pair to find outttt.

    After asking/forcing my boyfriend to take pics of me, they looked pretty standard from the front: high-waisted and fitted through the legs with frayed bottoms.

    And the back definitely delivered on their "LOOK @ MY BUTT" mission statement.

    But man, just doing a slight lunge made my entire vag light on fire.

    I mean, hi, this is what I was dealing with.

    And just trying to sit down was truly a trip to hell and back...

    ...Mostly for my butthole. :(

    The bottom (heh) line? They definitely delivered on their wedgie promise.

    But you might need to give your crotch a quick breather throughout the day just for, like, good measure.*

    You can swipe a pair for $88, if you're into ’em.

    Or not. I don't care!

    Either way, let's hear it for butts.