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    17 Struggles Of Having Parents Who Hate The Way You Dress

    It's called fashion. Look it up.

    1. The parents who are always trying to cover up your best assets.

    2. ...And literally try to hold you back from your incredible style choices.

    3. The mom who also thinks she's a beauty expert.

    4. The mom who doesn't appreciate your punk lifestyle.

    5. The mom who seriously needs to work on her poker face.

    6. The mom who also thinks she's a pro makeup artist.

    7. The mom who won't ever let you forget how much she hates your outfit.

    My mom doesn't like my New Years outfit

    8. The parent who acts like it's a crime to express your ~true~ self.

    9. The parents who make you cover up to the extreme when you don't meet their clothing demands.

    10. The dad who cannot be subtle about his hatred for your hair.

    11. The parents who ridicule your wardrobe right as you're leaving.

    12. The parents who don't get that you just like to look decked out on the daily.

    13. The parents who force you to wear a fake outfit over your real one just so you leave the house.

    14. The dad who is clearly confused about what's in fashion.

    hahahhahaha gotta love how much my parents hate the way I dress

    15. The parents who need a lesson on "exposed" skin.

    16. The parents who aren't very informed on all the ~hot trends~.

    17. The mom who just. doesn't. get. it.