17 Struggles Of Having Parents Who Hate The Way You Dress

It’s called fashion. Look it up.

1. The parents who are always trying to cover up your best assets.

@medievalreacts / Via Twitter: @medievalreacts

2. …And literally try to hold you back from your incredible style choices.

@chaneIzjm / Via Twitter: @chaneIzjm

3. The mom who also thinks she’s a beauty expert.

@lex_luthaa / Via Twitter: @lex_luthaa

4. The mom who doesn’t appreciate your punk lifestyle.

@LeahWale / Via Twitter: @LeahWale

5. The mom who seriously needs to work on her poker face.

@titaniumrose13 / Via Twitter: @titaniumrose13

6. The mom who also thinks she’s a pro makeup artist.

@danperr_ / Via Twitter: @danperr_

7. The mom who won’t ever let you forget how much she hates your outfit.

My mom doesn't like my New Years outfit

— Emily Stein (@_EmilyStein)

8. The parent who acts like it’s a crime to express your ~true~ self.

@sorryimjordy / Via Twitter: @sorryimjordy

9. The parents who make you cover up to the extreme when you don’t meet their clothing demands.

@_maragianna / Via Twitter: @_maragianna

10. The dad who cannot be subtle about his hatred for your hair.

@AliHetzel / Via Twitter: @AliHetzel

11. The parents who ridicule your wardrobe right as you’re leaving.

@HG_swag / Via Twitter: @HG_swag

12. The parents who don’t get that you just like to look decked out on the daily.

@tanitaperry / Via Twitter: @tanitaperry

13. The parents who force you to wear a fake outfit over your real one just so you leave the house.

@ShelbyBergen / Via Twitter: @ShelbyBergen

14. The dad who is clearly confused about what’s in fashion.

hahahhahaha gotta love how much my parents hate the way I dress

— old man jenkins (@romansociety)

15. The parents who need a lesson on “exposed” skin.

@livelikeirwin / Via Twitter: @livelikeirwin

16. The parents who aren’t very informed on all the ~hot trends~.

@anisaisonfire / Via Twitter: @anisaisonfire

17. The mom who just. doesn’t. get. it.

@Crystalm1chelle / Via Twitter: @Crystalm1chelle

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