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17 Hilarious Gifts Parents Have Given To Their Kids

Passive-aggressive parenting at its finest.

1. The dad who just wanted to get everything on his daughter's wish list.

2. ...And this mom who also tried to pull through.

@andyskim / Via Twitter: @andyskim

3. The mom who misunderstood her daughter's wish for personalized jewelry.

@barnnnnn / Via Twitter: @barnnnnn

4. The mom who blindsided her kid with a beautiful bedding set.

@simonegaribadli / Via Twitter: @simonegaribadli

5. The mom whose teenager wore one-too-many hemp necklaces.

@EHarnadek9 / Via Twitter: @EHarnadek9

6. The parents who bought a mug to match their daughter's teen โ€™tude.

@Theatrenerdz / Via Twitter: @Theatrenerdz

7. The mom who was tired of hearing about her daughter's dating life.

8. The religious parent who is (still) trying to get her kids to go to church.

my mom came home from her women's retreat and brought me a gift ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

9. The right-wing mom who is trying to sway her liberal daughter.

@LeftStandingUp / Via Twitter: @LeftStandingUp

10. The mom whose gift of workout gear didn't exactly instill confidence.

@kereneunice__ / Via Twitter: @kereneunice__

11. The mom who couldn't get the latest version Xbox but wouldn't let that stop her.

I think my mom trolled me like a boss with my gift. Oh well, merry xmas to all @Xbox @XboxP3

12. The parent whose kid just wasn't getting the hint.

@tertydancing / Via Twitter: @tertydancing

13. The parent whose son always wants the newest iPhone.

@Arsalan_Z / Via Twitter: @Arsalan_Z

14. The dad who took the "cold hard cash" request very literally.

Tumblr / Via

15. The mom who got tired of her kid asking for a tablet.

@itsmeeejoanne / Via Twitter: @itsmeeejoanne

16. The parents whose kid always smells like a skunk.

@raquelxrod / Via Twitter: @raquelxrod

17. The parent who knows how to drop a subtle hint.

@MaddieMoo31 / Via Twitter: @MaddieMoo31

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