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12 Reasons You Definitely Need To Take A Person Swimming On The First Date

Because no one wants to be ~tricked~ by makeup.

Last year, this before-and-after makeup pic of Ashley VanPevenage went viral after Twitter user @H_Menace turned it into a cruel meme.

@H_MENACE / Via Twitter: @H_MENACE

So, we thought it was only fair to show people what it actually looks like to take someone swimming with makeup on—and 12 reasons they should absolutely try it:

1. So you can praise their amazing setting spray.

@BadBennyG / Via Twitter: @BadBennyG

2. So you can tell 'em how beautiful their lip stain looks after a swim.

@lilya_yurchyshyn / Via

3. So you can see how good their smoky eye looks underwater.

@jennamartinphoto / Via

4. So you can compliment their good ass mascara.

@elviamunozmakeup / Via

5. So you can tell them how their eye makeup slays even when soaking wet.

@woodlyelan / Via

6. So you can applaud their flawless brow game even after a shower.

@jcharlesbeauty / Via

7. So you can commend their superior eyeshadow skills.

@makeupbyalinecarvalho / Via

8. So you can give them kudos for their killer makeup game.

@wealthygoldsignature / Via Instagram: @wealthygoldsignature

9. So you can celebrate how well their mascara survived a waterfall.

@fitgirlbeauty / Via

10. So you can get schooled by their makeup skills while simultaneously solidifying a second date.

Instagram: @singleingidi / Via

"Bruh, where we going on our second date to?"

11. So you can commend their waterproof eyeliner for being an actual work of art.

@nancy_vejar / Via

12. So you can see how nothing—nothing—will ever fuck with their contour.

@kiaaj_contour / Via
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