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    This Blogger Used Actual Pumpkin Spice For Nail Art And I'm Gagging

    "This kind of looks like elephant poo."

    Pumpkin Spice Latte season is upon us. This means you're either screaming "This is the fucking BEST. TIME. OF. THE. YEAR!" while simultaneously putting 56 circle scarves around your neck, or you have a gag reflex every time you hear the letters "P," "S," and "L" combined into one word.

    Either way, you can't avoid the pumpkin spice obsession, and YouTuber Angel aka twi_star decided to take it to the next level with literal Pumpkin Spice Latte nails.

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    Like, there's actual pumpkin spice bits on there, people.

    To do this, she first painted her tips with OPI's It’s a Piazza Cake, which TBH, already looks pretty damn fall-ready to me.

    Then, she put the spices in a bowl and used a fan brush to apply it to a wet, clear topcoat.


    She wanted even more pumpkin spice goodness, though, so she straight-up stuck her finger in the bowl of spices. Hey, the PSL fix is v. real.

    Can't wait for the new Spice Girl member: Pumpkin Spice.

    After sprinkling the pumpkin spice directly on her nails, she realized the best method was the ol' dip 'n' stick and continued that on the rest of her hand.

    Ew, dip 'n' stick.

    And the this: Pumpkin Spice Latte tips, baby.

    Maybe you were like, "Hmm, I wonder what this would look like with a top coat on it!" She did that...

    ...buuuuut we're gonna pretend that didn't happen and just admire these bad boys in their full pumpkin spice beauty.

    Happy fall, y'all.