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    19 Ways Pink Eyeshadow Can Actually Look Totally Badass

    You're gonna want this kind of pink eye.

    1. Pop of watermelon pink

    2. Bright fuchsia waterline

    3. Bubblegum-to-orange blend

    4. Magenta glitter cat eye

    5. Cotton candy and cyan

    6. Deep pink smoky eye

    7. Silvery-pink cut-crease

    8. Burgundy blow out

    9. Every shade of pink

    10. Neon lower lashline

    11. Metallic-to-matte shimmer

    12. Pink rhinestone lids

    13. Soft glitter cat eye

    14. Purple-tinted cerise smoky eye

    15. Glossy coral lids

    16. Shimmery gold cut-crease

    17. Crimson liner and crease

    18. Glittery magenta lids

    19. Metallic pink cat eye