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    This Trick Finally Fixes Those God Awful Hanger Straps

    Bye 4evs.

    You know those loop thingies in your shirt?

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    Those annoying pieces of garbage that pop out when you're just living your beautiful, glorious life?

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    Well, they're meant to keep loose garments on the hanger, which is cool and fine and everything....

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    But on human bodies, they are tiny lil' devils that are dead set on ruining your outfit.

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    So how do you deal with 'em? Some people swear by wrapping them around their bra strap.

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    You could also always cut them out, but what if it's a strapless dress and you want to keep the loops to hang it back up?



    Well, this super-simple trick can keep your hanger straps attached to your clothes without sabotaging your outfit.

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    Grab a needle and thread, fold the hanger strap in the opposite direction away from the neckline (or armpit, depending on where the loop is located), and stitch it into place.

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    That's it, people.

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    Be free.

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