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    17 Foolproof Ways To Piss Off Your Hairstylist

    When they start cutting your hair, whisper, "That's not how they did it on YouTube."

    1. Arrive one hour early to your appointment.

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    2. Hover over your hair-stylist's chair silently until they are ready.

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    3. Mention how long you've gone without a shower right before they touch your hair.

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    4. Lie about your previous coloring experiences.

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    5. Try to go blonde on your own, and then ask them to fix it.

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    6. Compare their hair-cutting skills to random people on the internet.

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    7. Take selfies during the entire haircut.

    8. Actually, just never stop moving around.

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    9. Ask how your color looks while it's soaking wet.

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    10. Try to get the absolute most out of your already-discounted salon visit.

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    11. Say you just need a trim when clearly you need a real haircut.

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    12. Never close your eyes while getting your hair rinsed. Ever.

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    Extra points if you don't blink.

    13. Change your hair color dramatically every time you visit the salon.

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    14. Wear the most inconvenient outfit.

    15. Really express how ~arousing~ their shampoo skills are.

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    16. Ask for the impossible.

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    17. When they're done styling your hair, ask them for a cheaper alternative to every product they used.

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