17 Bold AF Hidden Hair Colors You Can Actually Wear To Work

Because some bosses suck.

1. Hidden Neon Rainbow

@phildoeshair / Via

2. Concealed Purple and Teal

@beautybyashley / Via

3. Hidden Jewel Tones

@soloparamunecas / Via

4. Secret Galaxy

@rubydevine / Via

5. Multicolored Roots

@phildoeshair / Via

6. Yellow and Orange Undercut

Tumblr / Via

7. Secret Mermaid

@rubydevine / Via

8. Hints of Green

@soloparamunecas / Via

9. Patch of Peacock

@everydaywigscom / Via

10. Surprise Unicorn Strands

@muatiffanyg / Via

11. Undercover Crayola

@rubydevine / Via

12. Secret Sunset

@drh_heidigrether / Via

13. Hidden Blue Braids

Kiss My Curls / Via

14. Hint of Fiery Red

@adlydesign / Via

15. My Little Pony in Disguise

@taylorrae_hair / Via

16. Teal Undercut

17. Rainbow Stripe Underlights

@velenporella / Via

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