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This New Beauty Trend Uses Pieces Of Plexiglass To Color Hair

Oh, and a knife too.

There’s a new hair dyeing trend taking over salons, y’all: It’s called hand-pressed coloring.

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The colorist uses planes of plexiglass and a knife to transform uniform hair color into a ~multidimensional masterpiece~.

Seriously, look at all the colors in there.

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Redken colorist Chiala Marvici invented the new coloring technique in her sleep.

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"I have a painting in my apartment that a friend did for me a while ago that has a lot of colors on it, and I fell asleep one night and dreamt of all these layers of paint living together on one surface," she told Marie Claire. "When I woke up, I thought about how beautiful that would be on the hair and how I would translate that vision onto the hair."


To achieve this look, she paints geometric patterns on 6-inch wide sheets of plexiglass in multiple shades of hair color.

"You place the section of hair flat onto the glass, which transfers the design from the plexiglass onto the underside of your hair," she tells Marie Claire. "Then, you use a 6-inch-long putty knife and then press the hair into the pattern to saturate the top side of the hair as the color seeps through your strands."

So. Cool.

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This method gives any hair shade tons of dimension.

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And, yes, all those crazy shapes get blended together once she presses the putty knife onto the hair.

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"Because we are imprinting the hair, the strength and detail will appear in the section imprinted," Chiala said. "Depending on the number of times the hair color is pressed, depends on how detailed or blurred the outcome will be."


For example, when she mixed gold and blue to get this awesome effect.

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Salons all over the U.S. have started to give the trend a try. Everything from super bold shades...

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...To soft pops of color.

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So, would you give hand-pressed hair color a try?

If you do, make sure to leave it to the professionals 'cause, you know, glass is sharp 'n' stuff.
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If you do, make sure to leave it to the professionals 'cause, you know, glass is sharp 'n' stuff.

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