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17 Pictures That Prove Black Lipstick Should Be Stopped

Seriously, just stop.

1. Black lipstick is the worst.

@gg_luxious / Via

2. Like, how can anyone look beautiful in such a dark color?

@andreaschoice / Via

3. You can't even wear it during the summer months.

@badgalriri / Via

4. It makes everyone look intimidating.

@isabella_fiori / Via

6. Plus, it makes people stand out too much.

@makeupbyalinna / Via

7. And no one wants to look original.

@analidialopess / Via

8. A natural look is way better.

@amandasteele / Via

9. There's nothing beautiful about it.

@laur_elyse / Via

10. It's impossible to look good in such a dark shade.

_mynamesjas / Via

11. This is definitely a "no" from me.

@anncayangaa / Via

13. Seriously, it will NOT look good.

@laura_leth / Via

14. And certainly not glamorous.

@auroramakeup / Via

15. It's not even cool.

@mayrameyers / Via

16. So ladies, hear me out: Never wear black lipstick.

@jessjanemakeup / Via

17. Don't even bother trying it.

@faayfatima / Via
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