17 Pictures That Prove Black Lipstick Should Be Stopped

    Seriously, just stop.

    1. Black lipstick is the worst.

    2. Like, how can anyone look beautiful in such a dark color?

    3. You can't even wear it during the summer months.

    4. It makes everyone look intimidating.

    5. Like, downright scary.

    6. Plus, it makes people stand out too much.

    7. And no one wants to look original.

    8. A natural look is way better.

    9. There's nothing beautiful about it.

    10. It's impossible to look good in such a dark shade.

    11. This is definitely a "no" from me.

    13. Seriously, it will NOT look good.

    14. And certainly not glamorous.

    15. It's not even cool.

    16. So ladies, hear me out: Never wear black lipstick.

    17. Don't even bother trying it.