Yaaass, A Woman Found A Way To Re-Create That Amazing Rainbow Highlighter

    Color me impressed.

    You might remember when everyone was losing their damn minds over this rainbow highlighter from Bitter Lace Beauty a couple weeks ago.

    🌈 😭 🌈 😭 🌈 😭 🌈 😭

    Due to high demand, though, the handmade beauty product sold out and the Etsy shop temporarily shut down.

    The beauty world never knew devastation like this.

    So one freelance makeup artist, Hunter Szigety, decided to take matters into her own hands — literally — by making her own rainbow highlighter.

    After getting her products together, she popped 'em out, crushed each shade into an empty compact, and pressed it into place with rubbing alcohol.

    ...And the result was pretty dang close to the original.

    "My only tip is to choose lighter colors than you think you'll need, especially the blues and greens," she told BuzzFeed.

    Thank u, internet.