If Nail Polish Colors Were Named Honestly

“Oooh, I’ll take Dead Minion on my toes!”

1. Rimmel London’s “Burgundy Flirt”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C1%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

2. Rainbow Polish’s “Monarch”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C2%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

3. Sinful Colors’ “Snow Me White”

Rite Aid / Via

4. Zoya’s “Coco”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C4%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

5. Essie’s “Chinchilly”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C5%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

6. Sally Hansen’s “Clear’d for Takeoff”

CVS / Via

7. Zoya’s “Emilia”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C7%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

8. Essie’s “Waltz”

Mega Fragrance / Via

9. Color Club’s “Turn the Other Cheek”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C9%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

10. China Glaze’s “Faith”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C10%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

11. OPI’s “Samoan Sand”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C11%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

12. OPI’s “I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana”

Amazon / Via &ascsubtag=4131075%2C12%2C12%2Cdesktop%2Cchrissymahlmeister%2Cstyle

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