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11 Dad-Daughter Hair Tutorials That Are Too Cute To Freaking Handle


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2. Ballerina bun

If sticking a sock in your child's hair ain't your thang, take a cue from this dad who literally spins his daughter around for the perfect ballerina bun.

Watch the full tutorial here.


3. Box fishtail braid

Unlike a traditional flat braid, this fishtail tutorial shows you how to get a more 3D, boxlike (hence the name) plait, which looks pret-ty dang cool IRL.

Watch the full tutorial here.

4. The pull-through braid

Trick other parents into thinking you spent hours doing your daughter's hair with this dad's pull-through braid technique, which I swearrrr is super easy. (Just make sure you have a bajillion rubber bands handy.)

Watch the full tutorial here.

5. DIY Topsy Tail twist

If you were alive in the '90s, it's pretty hard to forget those awkward Topsy Tail commercials, but this tutorial proves you don't need a weird plastic contraption to get a perfect low ponytail twist.

Watch the full tutorial here.


7. Baby buns with a headband

Instagram: @icemikeloveasia

Once you've got one bun down, try doubling it up with two high buns paired with a cute headband. Having a freakishly cute daughter also helps.

8. Simple braid

If you're just starting out, try this simple single braid with a giant bow because, let's be real, you miiiight need a little somethin'-somethin' to cover up any mistakes and that's OK!

Watch the full tutorial here.

9. Pomp and bun

If your daughter wants something a little more ~fashiony~, try a little pomp (see: that teased part of hair in the front) with a ponytail or bun, and you too will be sporting that proud dad smile.

Watch the full tutorial here.

11. Braided pigtails

View this video on YouTube

Braided pigtails are pretty self-explanatory, but this tutorial proves that sometimes getting your kid to stay still is the hardest part.


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