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19 Times Contouring Got Completely Out Of Control

BRB, painting a cheetah on my face.

If you're into experimenting with new makeup looks, chances are you've tried contouring at least once.

The right shading and highlighting can add some serious definition.

And all the makeup tutorials make it look soOOoOooO easy.

L'Oreal Paris / Via

Some even call contouring "Spanx for the face." (....I don't.)

But you guys, it's not.

It can be horrifying.

1. For one, it takes tons of practice.

Sure, this looks like a good place to put my cheekbones.

2. ...and prayers, TBH.

3. Plus, you need 231029381092 brushes to get the job done.

4. And, like, where do all the different colors go?

5. It's so complicated, it needs its own v. detailed face map.

6. But even then, you still get lost.

Am I pretty yet?

7. So you'll look anywhere for some guidance.

8. But then the more tutorials you see, the more overwhelming it gets.

9. Like, is my forehead supposed to resemble a very strong Wi-Fi signal?

10. Or am I just supposed to put a bunch of rando dots all over my face?

11. Oh, what's that? Paint full floral motifs on your cheeks to get the contour look you want?

12. And apparently you need at least eight shades of concealer.

13. In the middle of every YouTube tutorial, you're bound to have an existential freakout.

14. And just when you thought holding the brush was the easiest part...

15. Not to mention it takes FOR-EV-ER.

16. Like, no one understands how much work it is.

17. And your bathroom is a mess after a good ol' contour sesh.

18. Not to mention you can look like a totally different person once you're in the sunlight.

Guess I'm not going out outside, lol.

19. And just when you baaaarely get the hang of doing your face, people are already contouring their full body.

But all the pain is worth it for that one ~perfect~ selfie.