Here's Proof All Beauty Brand Models Actually Look Exactly The Same

    These composite images tell all.

    The team at Canva, a graphic design site, decided to see what it would look like to take the "most prevalent" beauty companies and composite their latest spokesmodels together into an average face for each brand.

    The list included CoverGirl, Dior, L’Oréal, Maybelline, Rimmel London, and Proactiv.

    The result? A very similar face across all 6 brands.

    Each composite used at least 10 photos from both men and women from each company.

    Canva chose both high fashion and drugstore beauty brands for their experiment.

    Prominent cheekbones, strong jawlines, full lips, and light skin appeared in every composite image.

    They also used this method on the clothing industry, which showed a bit more diversity in their models.

    Calvin Klein, Hanes, Victoria’s Secret, Candie’s, Nike, and Skechers were among the brands examined.

    The conclusion? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and when the beholder is the American consumer, beauty standards seem to be strikingly restricted," researchers said.

    "However, allure is not the only component of successful aesthetic advertising. Relatability is also key."