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    19 Things People Who Wear Makeup Are Tired Of Hearing

    ~I love girls who look natural~

    1. Never heard this one before.

    2. Oh, I didn't know you were a therapist. V cool.

    3. When dudes say they feel "tricked" by makeup.

    4. I mean, let's be real.

    5. Do people realize what makeup is supposed to do?

    6. Can u not?

    7. -__________-

    8. When guys say they prefer girls who wear less makeup.

    9. So insightful.

    10. I know I look different in real life.

    11. *blows kiss to reflection in mirror*

    12. Good 2 know.

    13. Thx for the input.

    14. Little do they know.

    15. Do they look real to you?

    16. *screams internally*

    17. :(

    18. Y'all should feel blessed.

    19. Basically, when in doubt, just don't talk.