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Get REAL Presents: Unconditional Love

7 families from across Canada share stories of coming out, acceptance, and support.

getrealmovement • 2 years ago

Teachers Give Advice To Their High School Selves!

Teachers give advice to their younger selves on bullying, coming out, and being a leader!

getrealmovement • 4 years ago

Fraternities & Sororities Surprise Everybody With This Video On Homophobia

Breaking down stereotypes and changing attitudes. The world is changing.

getrealmovement • 5 years ago

Zander Robinson, Full Back For The Toronto Argonauts: "Love Is Love."

Get REAL is a university student-run non-profit, working to eliminate homophobia in high schools and middle schools. Zander is the first in our new "Young People Series." Love is Love, and Sports Are For Everyone. Thank you Zander.

getrealmovement • 5 years ago
getrealmovement • 6 years ago

To My 7th Grade Self

Get REAL is a Canadian university student-driven initiative to end homophobia in creative and dynamic ways. This video is powerful, and you should take the time to watch it.

getrealmovement • 7 years ago