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Automotive Systems For Cars

New car generation has automotive systems, therefore, people will get disastrous mistake with their car.

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1.The wheel is as wide as road grip

Currently, you can find the sports cars which have big wheels (about 17, 18 inches) and thin tires, look very nice, but it is not the car with the best road grip. A level of road grip is generated by the friction of tires with road mainly depending on the volume of vehicles, rubber tire quality and structural chassis. Therefore, using any type of tires with how is exposure area is carefully calculated by the automobile manufacturers and tire manufacturers.

If you change big and thin wheels which will lead to consequences such as damping, noise, measurement error speedometer rand reducing the life of the bearing details as well as the effective of road grip does not. You can refer to the automotive blog to know more information.

2.ABS, EBD are a "guardian angel"

It's only right when "reading the user manual carefully before using". It means that ABS, EBD have just supported, they're not all. Hence, drive carefully is the guardian angel of you. Moreover, negligent driving, fast braking, cornering speed, inexperienced, it is dangerous even if the car has ABS or EBD.

3.Types of lubricants are the same

If you think that lubricant oil has lubricating effects, all lubricant oils are the same with you. It's very dangerous because having many parts of a car need lubricant oil to pressure transmission, cooling and so on, therefore each part need a suitable oil for them. Furthermore, each type of oil has the parameters and the individual level, so using wrong oil is very dangerous or at least damage or shorten the life car.

4.Having a lot of electric devices needs a big battery.

There are a lot of people think that using battery depends on the number of electric devices. However, about technical terms, the battery is only average battery power storage device when the car would not start and when your car started, the generator will provide electric for the car. Additionally, if you set up some other elements using electric source together, you need to change your generator with suitable capacity. It can explain why new car generations have a fairly modest size of the battery.

5.Car will be "warm up" after a long running time

When the cooling system gets trouble, your car will "warm up" after running a long running time. It means that if your car has not a problem, temperature also remained stable at a level that allows.

Moreover, If the car changes temperature according to each objective conditions, it means that it's time to check the car overall.

6.Frequently polishing to keep new car

Have you ever wondered why your car shiny again after each polishing with chemicals? In fact, besides chemicals in Car Wax, it also contains a certain amount of abrasive your coating.

The car polished too many times when it does not really need to recover which will make your car quickly worn, lost layers of protection and discolored.

You should take wash the car in the specialized washing solution and keep the ball in the paint polishing paint

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