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13 Horror Movie GIFs That We Can All Relate To

Life, man. LIFE.

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1. When there's free food in the breakroom.

New Line Cinema

2. When you've had a rough day at work and just need to vent.

Paramount Pictures

3. When someone says "Can I ask you something?" then says "Never mind" in the same sentence.

Paramount Pictures

WTF, Susan.

4. When you need extra hours at work but your boss says you can leave early.

Paramount Pictures

5. When your boo asks if you're hungry.

Yes. The answer is always yes.

6. When you tell your parents a joke and it turns into another lecture.

Paramount Pictures

Another life lesson, I'm sure.

7. When you still show up for brunch after a night of heavy drinking.

8. When (another) one of your relatives asks you why you're still single.

Paramount Pictures

9. When you accidentally hurt your sibling and they threaten to tell on you.

Paramount Pictures

10. When you just sit in the shower wondering if going to work is really worth it.

11. When you friend calls you at the last minute asking to go out.

Dimension Films

12. When you just sat down at the restaurant and the waiter stil hasn't taken your order.

13. When your ride said they were five minutes away an hour ago.

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