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Using Dubstep To Cope With Construction Noise

The store located beneath our office has been undergoing massive renovations for the last few months. In order to keep from going insane from the constant drilling, I've developed a massive love for the music of French dubstep artist Quartus Saul.

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  • 1. Roll Deep - Green Light (Quartus Saul & Kaney Remix)

    This one has more than just a little wobble.

  • 2. Quartus Saul - Hagakure (Cyberoptics Remix)

    Because deep down we all still know samurais are cooler than ninjas.

  • 3. NSFW: Britney Spears - Gimme More (Quartus Saul Remix)

    Matt's probably gonna kill me for this.

  • 4. Stephan Jacobs - Radiant Light (feat Sarah Brewer)

    Okay, this one isn't by Quartus Saul but he's an emerging artist with a unique sound, and Stephan Jacobs helps to drown out the construction noise just as good.