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What's The Most Insane Thing That's Ever Happened To You?

Become a part of our YouTube series! Just think, potentially millions of people hanging on your every word, ready to be amazed. That's not scary, that's exciting!

Do you have an incredible story from your life? A story you tell at parties, that leaves everyone in disbelief?

Do you ALSO want to be featured in your very own BuzzFeed video??

IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY! We're looking for volunteers to tell their story, on camera. For some context, our YouTube page features a series of videos under the title "This Is That Story."

Maybe you've seen them!

I Accidentally Became Famous In Another Country

View this video on YouTube

My Boyfriend Was Misdiagnosed With Cancer

View this video on YouTube

The Insane Way I Cheated On A College Test

View this video on YouTube

Now this is where YOU come in. To keep this series going, we need more stories!

In the DropBox below, leave a brief summary (a couple sentences) of the craziest story from your life. It can be funny, sad, inspiring, scary, anything goes! But think BIG, think CRAZY, think UNBELIEVABLE. We're looking for stories where someone watching says "there's no way that's real."

Okay, then what??

If your saga catches our eye, a video producer will be reaching out to you! From there, we'll work with you on how to make this happen.

(For the time being, we're going to stay limited to the NYC or LA areas)