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7 Foods That Vanished From The Face Of The Earth

Or at least from any good UK supermarket.

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Fox's Sports Biscuits


Nothing says "indulge" like a shortbread depiction of someone exercising. Still, even from a sedentary position sports biscuits were perfect with a cuppa. Fox's presumably succeeded in persuading people to stop eating them, as they're currently listed as unavailable on Amazon.

Mignons Morceaux


These aren't just any old garlic croutons - mignons morceaux had enough seasoning to ruin any good social occasion. Supermarkets have since tried and failed to launch their own brand versions, but Google can only find one, pixelated reminder of the originals.

Mint YoYo


Who knows whether these ever existed on supermarket shelves - they only ever surfaced in mysteriously sourced school packed lunches, alongside a bruised apple and a sandwich tasting more of cling film than filling. Anyway, top marks for naming: they were mint flavoured chocolate biscuits shaped like a yoyo.

Fanta Zesty Berry


A curiously detailed Wikipedia page suggests this blackcurrant and lemon variant was discontinued back in 2006 - sightings in other European countries have been recorded more recently, however. Rather than evoking any specific fruits, its taste can best be summed up as "purple".

Fox's Echo Biscuits


First sports biscuits, now Echo? It's a wonder Fox's have any products left on the shelves. The packaging describes the contents of these now vanished bars as "seductively creamy milk & white chocolate", but it was basically just an Aero with biscuit. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Prawn Cocktail Quavers


There's not exactly a shortage of prawn cocktail crisps in the UK, but that doesn't excuse the disappearance of these pink packeted Quavers. They're apparently still available in Cyprus, with Greek scripted units selling on eBay. Who buys crisps on eBay though?



As far as product design meetings go, it probably didn't take long for someone to suggest substituting apples for pears in a fizzy drink. Peartiser was a refreshingly light and subtle alternative in the much-maligned middle class soft drinks market. Panic not though - it certainly exists somewhere because it's still listed on the Appletiser website.

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